This is a somewhat random collection of good articles I’ve come across online on the area of keeping the Sabbath and celebrating the Lord’s Day. Wisdom and Sabbath Rest by Tim Keller The Power of Deep Rest by Tim Keller Feast of Famine, by Bernhard Stock (this is more about celebrating than specifically Sabbath, although Read More

For the recipe I use, look here: or grab the One Loaf Challah Recipe PDF. First video shows the first part of the process of making the Challah:   This second video shows the second part of the process:   Read More

Map of the visit: HERE Videos: Drive down from Mt Cenis to Termignon: Video – Map Photos: Top Picts Collection with all my albums All picts  Read More

These are my top picks for the pictures I took between Nov 2015 and Oct 2016 (roughly the selection range for my 2017 printed calendar) Read More

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Occasionally I get asked to speak about the Sabbath. Within that occasion, sometimes “they” record what I say. So here’s a place where Nico’s Sabbath musings come to rest. Peacefully. Quietly. The Sabbath, My Teacher (Word of Life meeting, October 2016) – 21mins Read More

Birds in flight are fascinating to me, partly because of the aerodynamics in action (my field of study long ago), partly because of the grace that these creatures exhibit as they soar. Here’s my attempt to capture them for your viewing… Read More

books on the sabbath

  Recommended Reading List on the Sabbath Topic This is a collection of Nico’s book recommendations on the somewhat broad topic of the Lord’s Day, the Sabbath, rest, and time… John Paul II’s encyclical: Dies Domini (On Keeping the Lord’s Day Holy). May 31, 1998. (Available on the Vatican website and other printing sources) Bacchiocchi, Read More

In reviewing my recent pictures to select some wedding gifts from good friends who are getting married this summer, I came up with a collection of “faves” – 75 in all. Here they are in 2500 pixel size, ready to be grabbed for your laptop or tablet wallpaper background. To “grab” the photo you want, Read More

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Some short clips on the positive rationale for living single for the LORD:   If you have come across some helpful videos, please email me and let me know. My thanks! -Nico Read More

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