Day: September 11, 2011

These are shots taken as I’ve wandered outdoors looking for snakes, across this great continent… Herping is a modern vernacular word describing the act of looking for “herps” (the Greek word for snakes.) All of these were taken in situ, in the “wild”. A special thanks to my Herping Master, Brendan Murray esq., without whom Read More

Ah, the world of arachnids, a mysterious one, full of strange and mildly fearful creatures! I hope to someday see some “dangerous” spiders in the wild. Until then, I’ll just add to this collection. I would dedicate this album to all my friends who are arachnophobic, in the hopes of helping them cope – but Read More

In April 2011, this photographer purchased his first macro lens. It opened up a whole new world of wonders and marvels. This collection should give you a taste of that world. I think that I may very well have chosen a different field of study if I’d seen all this earlier in my life…   Read More