Day: September 14, 2011

Birds are quite challenging to photograph. They are challenging to photograph well. They require a lot of wildlife observation skills in addition to some real technical photographic skill. Since I lack both fairly substantially, you will no doubt look on these with mercy. Rejoice with me at the very good fortune I had on a Read More

This photographer has wandered a bit in his native Alps and has collected a few good sightings of the various species of Ibex. Some of these I got within a few meters. Some (the more distant shots) are of the elusive and furtive “chamois” (rupicapra rupicapra) which I dream some day of seeing up close. Read More

Various mammals (OK, they’re mainly rodents/vermin) that live close to where my camera resides. Read More

This collection contains my feeble attempts to see mammals in the wild. Some day this album will have more variety, I hope! Read More