Author: nicoadmin

A 12 day road trip from Michigan to Maine and back again – via Canada, of course! 4, then 8 UCO staff workers decided to do vacation together this year. Two “major” peaks were bagged and the joy of tide-pooling was discovered by our intrepid explorers. The North East corner of the USA is picturesque Read More

January 2011 saw this brother traveling to Lebanon for a quick “visitation” or community internal mission audit. Part of a team of 10, I had a chance to interview loads of good people, eat some fabulous food and speak another language. We did get a day “off” where I had a chance to snap a Read More

Nico is rebuilding his website… so please excuse the mess and the lack of content. Sometime before the end of the world, a new site will be functional and worth re-visiting. In the mean time, we recommend you wander elsewhere on the vast web. Nicolas est en train de reconstruire son site. Prenez patience et Read More

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