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This is a somewhat random collection of good articles I’ve come across online on the area of keeping the Sabbath and celebrating the Lord’s Day. Wisdom and Sabbath Rest by Tim Keller The Power of Deep Rest by Tim Keller Feast of Famine, by Bernhard Stock (this is more about celebrating than specifically Sabbath, although Read More

For the recipe I use, look here: or grab the One Loaf Challah Recipe PDF. First video shows the first part of the process of making the Challah:   This second video shows the second part of the process:   Read More

Occasionally I get asked to speak about the Sabbath. Within that occasion, sometimes “they” record what I say. So here’s a place where Nico’s Sabbath musings come to rest. Peacefully. Quietly. The Sabbath, My Teacher (Word of Life meeting, October 2016) – 21mins Read More

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  Recommended Reading List on the Sabbath Topic This is a collection of Nico’s book recommendations on the somewhat broad topic of the Lord’s Day, the Sabbath, rest, and time… John Paul II’s encyclical: Dies Domini (On Keeping the Lord’s Day Holy). May 31, 1998. (Available on the Vatican website and other printing sources) Bacchiocchi, Read More

Below is a brief collection of things I’ve found online that present the Lord’s Day as we celebrate it in the Sword of the Spirit: Andy Pettman put together a 10min video. Hugh Potter spoke on the Lord’s Day in Antioch a few years ago. I have a talk on the idea of rest and Read More

In May 2012, Nico completed his Masters in Theology at Sacred heart Major Seminary by writing and defending a thesis. The topic of the thesis was: Keeping the Lord’s Day holy: a study of the implications of the third commandment and its sanctification of time for the new evangelization   This study can found here Read More

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Challah Bread Recipe This is the bread usually used for our Lord’s Day celebrations. Click here for the One Loaf PDF of the recipe. Makes 1 loaf, enough for a 10 person Lord’s Day and some leftovers… Ingredients Needed yeast 1.5TBs This is the equivalent of 1.5 small active dry yeast packets (in USA) warm Read More