Category: Birds

Birds in flight are fascinating to me, partly because of the aerodynamics in action (my field of study long ago), partly because of the grace that these creatures exhibit as they soar. Here’s my attempt to capture them for your viewing… Read More

These fluffy, feathery, fanciful, sometime flightless creatures are a wonder of wonders to this photographer. Such color, such shapes, such strange sounds! I am grateful for zoos, conservatories, and aquariums which have allowed me to glance with my own eyes a little sample of the vast world of ornithology. Read More

This album is my attempt to collect my best pictures of birds that catch their food “on the fly” as it were. Some of these particular birds don’t do so because they’re in captivity, but they sure would if they weren’t behind bars. These are birds that tend to capture the imagination and wish half Read More

Birds are quite challenging to photograph. They are challenging to photograph well. They require a lot of wildlife observation skills in addition to some real technical photographic skill. Since I lack both fairly substantially, you will no doubt look on these with mercy. Rejoice with me at the very good fortune I had on a Read More

Birds that fly free where the wind will take them and when men won’t shoot them. Most of these just me drool at the idea of getting big fancy lenses and spending days just waiting for the perfect shot… Read More