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Butterflies and moths are very difficult creatures to photograph, I’ve discovered. The way I know this is by observing that my ratio of “keepers” to “photos taken” is much much lower than my normal shooting ratio. I think I end up keeping one of every 20 photo of these ever moving beauties. Read More

Ah, the world of arachnids, a mysterious one, full of strange and mildly fearful creatures! I hope to someday see some “dangerous” spiders in the wild. Until then, I’ll just add to this collection. I would dedicate this album to all my friends who are arachnophobic, in the hopes of helping them cope – but Read More

In April 2011, this photographer purchased his first macro lens. It opened up a whole new world of wonders and marvels. This collection should give you a taste of that world. I think that I may very well have chosen a different field of study if I’d seen all this earlier in my life…   Read More