Between low tide and high tide, there exists a fascinating yet fragile ecosystem which is well worth an afternoon of observation. Acadia National Park was the place I discovered this world. Thanks to Ranger Eleanor… Read More

Birds that fly free where the wind will take them and when men won’t shoot them. Most of these just me drool at the idea of getting big fancy lenses and spending days just waiting for the perfect shot… Read More

Snakes I’ve seen in zoos, aquariums, and other “safe” locations. Most are poisonous, deadly, or otherwise un-companionable… Read More

This is my grab-bag category of reptiles that aren’t snakes. Herpatologists won’t be happy with me on this one, but there you go: it’s the prerogative of the natural philosopher to create his own categories!   Read More

These are shots taken as I’ve wandered outdoors looking for snakes, across this great continent… Herping is a modern vernacular word describing the act of looking for “herps” (the Greek word for snakes.) All of these were taken in situ, in the “wild”. A special thanks to my Herping Master, Brendan Murray esq., without whom Read More

Ah, the world of arachnids, a mysterious one, full of strange and mildly fearful creatures! I hope to someday see some “dangerous” spiders in the wild. Until then, I’ll just add to this collection. I would dedicate this album to all my friends who are arachnophobic, in the hopes of helping them cope – but Read More

In April 2011, this photographer purchased his first macro lens. It opened up a whole new world of wonders and marvels. This collection should give you a taste of that world. I think that I may very well have chosen a different field of study if I’d seen all this earlier in my life…   Read More

Lord's Day Bread

Challah Bread Recipe This is the bread usually used for our Lord’s Day celebrations. Click here for the One Loaf PDF of the recipe. Makes 1 loaf, enough for a 10 person Lord’s Day and some leftovers… Ingredients Needed yeast 1.5TBs This is the equivalent of 1.5 small active dry yeast packets (in USA) warm Read More

Big views from my various hikes near my home in the Alps. Paysages alpins de ma Savoie natale. Read More

The vistas that caught my attention while traveling in Maine and New Hampshire. Read More

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